Niigata – ULTY701

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Niigata – ULTY701


Point 1 permanent space precision

  • Realization of the space precision permanent by BOX in BOX® (double box structure)
  • High stiffness, support for three points of complete one body base

Point 2 high-precision processing

  • The making of staunchness of jusetsusaku, the structure health to support high-speed movement

 I realize high-precision processing

  • There is no precision change three years after the installation

Point 3 high productivity

  • In employing a decremental high roller guide with high stiffness

 I realize the high picking up speed and slowing down of the forwarding axis

  • By Niigata original synchronized swimming swing motion ATC

 I largely reduce tool exchange time

Specifications item   SPN701
TRAVEL X axis travel (saddle side to side) 1,000mm
  Y axis travel (spindle head up and down) 950mm
  Z axis travel (table front and rear) 850mm
TABLE Table working surface 630mm *630mm
  Table increments 1 degree (0.001 degrees)
  Maximum mass on pallet 1,200 kg
SPINDLE Spindle speeds 12000min⁻¹
  Spindle Max. torque 420N, m
  Spindle taper No. 50
FEEDRATE Rapid traverse X,Y,Z axis 60m/min
ATC Tool magazine capacity 60 (126, 178)
MAXIMUM WORKPIECE ENVELOPE Swing Diameter x Height φ 1,100mm *1,200mm